Just as slow breathing cleanses your mind, deep cleansing purifies your scalp - and both can bring you back into balance


pramāsana™exfoliating scalp brush | $20

In preparation for optimal cleansing, dry brushing begins the cleansing process by exfoliating the scalp to help loosen build-up and impurities. This brushing technique also helps increase microcirculation, creating an optimal foundation for beautiful hair.* 

*When used with pramāsana™ purifying scalp cleanser


pramāsana™ purifying scalp cleanser | $35

Cleanse your scalp. Shampoo is for hair.
Deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies the scalp to help instantly balance sebum levels. 
• plant-derived cleansing agents from babassu help gently cleanse and purify the scalp 
• wintergreen derived salicylic acid exfoliates, removing pollution – to help create clean scalp foundation for beautiful hair 
• features an exclusive blend of ingredients that helps balance, protect and preserve the scalp’s natural barrier to help create a clean, healthy scalp foundation. The blend includes: 
- seaweed extract – helps control and balance sebum levels on the scalp 
- lactobacillus – patented ferment helps preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier 
- tamanu oil – a known anti-oxidant that helps protect the scalp from aggressors like pollution and other free radicals 
• scalp is left invigorated and refreshed

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pramāsana™protective scalp concentrate | $45

Helps balance sebum levels to maintain the purity of the scalp at the root of the hair. This lightweight, leave-in treatment penetrates the surface layers of the scalp to nourish and help preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier, while helping protect the scalp from aggressors such as pollution and other free radicals. Leaves the scalp nourished, soothed and feeling comfortable all day.* 

*When used with pramāsana™ purifying scalp cleanser

Aveda's own pure-fume™ aroma with grapefruit, neroli, cypress and other pure flower and plant essences.



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